LKS Rose was incorporated in 1986.  Lucky, Karen and Sons began as a construction company Lucky ran in addition to the family livestock operation.  Within a short time, it was clear that Lucky should focus on the construction industry due to the high volume of jobs he was acquiring.  The high volume is directly linked to the high level of workmanship LKS displays on every project.

Lucky Rose- Co-owner/President-  Lucky started working construction when he was 16 to earn extra money.  After working for others, Lucky quickly realized he had a talent and started his own company.

Karen Rose- Co-owner/Secretary-  Karen began helping Lucky in 1979 after the birth of their first son, Ramblyn.  Karen now runs the office at LKS in addition to the Bloomington Trail General Store.

Ramblyn Rose- Ramblyn now serves LKS as heavy equipment operator, truck driver and welder.

Brandyn Rose-  Brandyn now runs a crew at LKS and is keeping up his dads high quality expectations. 

The loyal employees of LKS:

Wilson Baker 

Major Couch 

Kash Zuver

Featured Project

Scottsburg Volunteer Fire Department Training Tower
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Toll Free:  800-707-7730 

Office:      812-752-3173

Lucky:      812-525-4073

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1.  Quality.
2.  We are a small, family owned and operated business where our customers are always on our minds.
"Every project is special"